There is so much to do in the world of Grand Theft Auto V other than just completing missions within the game, you can use Michael, Franklin or Trevor to explore all the leisure that Los Santos has to offer from bike riding to diving the oceans. We are going to go into some detail on what each of these activities has to offer you.

Ammu-Nation with Range

If you want to practice your shooting skills then just head over to an Ammu-Nation store that has a shooting range, there are two in San Andreas. One in Rockford Hills and another in Pillbox Hill. The entry fee for the Shooting Range is $14, just walk inside the store and to the notice board to pay the fee.

You can follow the tutorial if you wish but it’s very straight forward. You select your weapon and go through the three challenges for each one. The better your performance and the quicker you complete the challenge will give you a higher score which will unlock the second challenge for the specific weapon you are using.

Barber Shop

There are seven barber shops in San Andreas. Five are located within Los Santos and two in Blaine County. You can go to any of these barber shops as Michael, Franklin or Trevor to give your character a trim or a cool beard. The price for your hairstyle or beard will depend on the location of the barber shop you go to and which style you choose.

Beeker’s Garage

Beeker’s Garage is a car workshop located north of San Andreas in Paleto Bay. At the garage, you can customise your vehicle in any way you wish or just simply repair any damage. This is the only other garage that is an independent business and not part of the Los Santos Customs brand.

Binco Clothing

There are two Binco Clothing stores in Los Santos, one at Palomino Avenue in Vespucci Canals and another at Textile City. Binco Clothing is not an expensive store with clothes available to purchase from just $23.

Cable Car

The cable car in Blaine County takes you from Paleto Forest to the top of Mount Chiliad. It’s an easy way to get to the top of the highest mountain in San Andreas without struggling in a vehicle and it only costs $10 to use the cable car. It’s a pretty great way to admire the view of San Andreas and when you get to the top, you can just parachute back down.

Car Wash

If you car is full of blood after you just ran over a few dozen pedestrians, you can just head over to one of the two car washes in Los Santos, either in Little Seoul or Strawberry. The cost is $15.


Franklin can interact with his dog Chop at his safehouse, he can take him on walks or play ball with him, you can find the ball within your weapon wheel.


Darts is a game that is available to play in the Grand Senora Desert in Blaine Country, when you start to play a random person will join you. Before the game starts you can select how many legs and sets you want for your game.


Any of the three characters can access the Dinghy at Paleto Cove which can assist you into finding all of the submarine pieces. When you dive into the water from the dinghy, you will automatically be equipped with scuba diving gear.

Discount Store

There are five discount stores in San Andreas where you can buy clothes and accessories at affordable prices.

Fairground Ride

There are two fairground rides and both are located next to each other on the Del Perro Pier. The first fairground ride is the Ferris Whale which costs $8, the other is a small rollercoaster ride called the Leviathan at $15.

Flight School

The Los Santos Flight School gives players the chance to practice their flying skills for their character so that they may perform better for specific missions in the game such as heists. There are several levels and each requires you to do something different in an air vehicle.


Hunting is only available for Trevor between 5:00 and 19:00 after he has completed the Strangers and Freaks missions with Cletus. Trevor can go hunting just off the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. He finds a camper van and changes into appropriate clothing.


Playing golf is available to any of the three protagonists at the GWC and Golfing Society in Richman. To start playing all you have to do is pay a fee of $100 then select a player to complete against you then you will be taken straight to the course.

Los Santos Customs

Los Santos Customs are garages that you can use to modify or repair your vehicles, there are three in Los Santos and one in Blaine County.

Los Santos International Hangar

You are able to buy a hangar at the Los Santos International Airport for a hefty price, which can then be used to store air vehicles such as jets and helicopters for when you want to use them. You will also not gain a wanted level when you enter the airport runway once you purchase a hangar.

Movie Theater

There are three movie theaters in San Andreas, one located in Downtown Vinewood, another in Textile City and lastly Morningwood. At the movie theaters you can watch famous Vinewood movies such as Meltdown for $20.

Parachute Jump

Parachute jumps are located all over San Andreas and are a great way of earning some extra cash as you can get bonuses for a high landing accuracy with each parachute jump.


Ponsonbys is a clothing store for the wealthy, full of expensive suits and tuxedos the three stores can be located in Burton, Rockford Hills and Morningwood.

Strip Club

A Grand Theft Auto game wouldn’t be a Grand Theft Auto game without a Strip Club, there is one located in Strawberry called the Vanilla Unicorn Gentleman’s club which is owned by Trevor after he takes over it. Players can grab a drink from the bar and enjoy the view or experience a private dance which can lead to you taking a stripper home.



Tattoo Parlor



Vespucci Movie Masks


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