Spoiler Warning: These pages contain plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

There are so many characters within the world of Grand Theft Auto V with so much story to tell about each of them. Rockstar Games make sure each of the characters in the game have a teeming history which makes the game better every time you meet a new character. You can find out more about the characters in GTA V below.


Deuteragonists and Main Antagonists

  • Lester Crest
  • Dave Norton
  • Lamar Davis
  • Steve Haines
  • Devin Weston

Main Characters

  • Amanda De Santa
  • Jimmy De Santa
  • Tracey De Santa
  • Brad Snider
  • Stretch
  • Wei Cheng
  • Martin Madrazo
  • Solomon Richards
  • Ron Jakowski
  • Wade Hebert
  • Molly Schultz

Supporting Characters

  • Andreas Sanchez
  • Cheng’s translator
  • Denise Clinton
  • Elwood O’Neil
  • Fabien LaRouche
  • Ferdinand Kerimov
  • Floyd Hebert
  • Isiah Friedlander
  • Lazlow Jones
  • Patricia Madrazo
  • Rocco Pelosi
  • Simeon Yetarian
  • Tao Cheng
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