Spoiler Warning: These pages contain plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

There are so many characters within the world of Grand Theft Auto V with so much story to tell about each of them. Rockstar Games make sure each of the characters in the game have a teeming history which makes the game better every time you meet a new character. You can find out more about the characters in GTA V below.


Franklin Clinton
Trevor Philips

Deuteragonists and Main Antagonists

Lester Crest
Dave Norton
Lamar Davis
Steve Haines
Devin Weston

Main Characters

Amanda De Santa
Jimmy De Santa
Tracey De Santa
Brad Snider
Wei Cheng
Martin Madrazo
Solomon Richards
Ron Jakowski
Wade Hebert
Molly Schultz

Supporting Characters

Andreas Sanchez
Cheng’s translator
Denise Clinton
Elwood O’Neil
Fabien LaRouche
Ferdinand Kerimov
Floyd Hebert
Isiah Friedlander
Lazlow Jones
Patricia Madrazo
Rocco Pelosi
Simeon Yetarian
Tao Cheng
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