The ability to customize your character’s clothes in Grand Theft Auto is better than ever before, Grand Theft Auto V offers players the chance to explore hundreds of different clothing items and outfits to make them look is dangerous as possible. As Michael, Franklin or Trevor, players can change their character’s clothes within the different stores around San Andreas and at the character’s respective homes.

Clothing Stores

There are many clothing stores located around San Andreas and each store brand offers a different style of clothing, for example Ponsobys sell expensive suits where as Binco Clothing is more casual. There are four store brands in San Andreas, these are Binco Clothing, Discount Store, Ponsobys and Suburban.

Binco Clothing

There are two Binco Clothing stores in Los Santos, one at Palomino Avenue in Vespucci Canals and another at Textile City. Binco Clothing is not an expensive store with clothes available to purchase from just $23.

Discount Store

There are five discount stores in San Andreas, these are at Strawberry, Grapeseed, Zancudo River, Grand Senora Desert and Paleto Boy. The discount stores offer the same style and price of clothing as Binco Clothing, casual and cheap.


Ponsobys has three stores all located within Los Santos and are not too far from each other. The stores are at Rockford Hills, Burton and Pacific Bluffs. There are very expensive suits and clothes at these stores that can start from $5,500.


Suburban offers stylish casual clothing such as denim, leather jackets and checkered shirts. There are four Suburban stores located in San Andreas, these are at Vespucci Canals, Harmony, Alta and Chumash.

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