Michael, Trevor and Franklin meet up at the FIB parking lot before the heist starts to change into boiler suits and masks to hide their identity. Michael tells Trevor to provide sniper support at a high point near where the heist will take place whilst himself and Franklin will attack the armoured van.

The three go there separate ways with Trevor informing Michael and Franklin that the armoured van is on its way, Michael uses the trash truck to block the road and when the armoured van stops in front of the trash truck, Franklin uses the tow truck to smash into it.

Franklin then quickly uses sticky bombs to open the rear entrance of the van but not before the two security guards hit the panic button which leads to the LSPD making their way to the scene from which a shoot out occurs. After the shootout the trio manage to escape. Franklin takes the trash truck to the getaway car and blows the truck up before switching vehicles whilst Michael delivers the bonds to Steve Haines at Devin Weston’s house where Michael is persuaded into doing another job for him.

Mission Guide

Get in the garbage truck

Go to Cypress Flats

Block the road

Ram the security truck

Plant a sticky bomb on the rear doors of the truck

Blow open the back doors

Take out the Cops

Take out the NOOSE reinforcements coming from the rear alley

Take out the police reinforcements coming from the main road

Take out the snipers

Take out the police reinforcements coming from the rear alley

Take out the helicopter

Get in the garbage truck

Go to the getaway location

Leave the garbage truck

Destroy the garbage truck

Get in the vehicle

Get away from the garbage truck

Go to Devin’s house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Hawk Down – Shoot down the helicopter as Trevor.
  • Headshots – Kill 12 enemies with a headshots.
  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.
  • Switcher – Switch character 10 times.

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