Michael meets up with Trevor and a building which they both meet Steve Haines, Dave Norton and another agent who instructs them to torture Mr K for information. Michael and Dave get in his car to drive to where Mr K tells them to. Trevor and Steve torture Mr K until he reveals that the man they are looking for lives in Chumash, has a bushy beard, smokes and is left handed.

Michael sees someone who fits the profile of who Mr K is describing at assassinates him with a sniper rifle on green land opposite the house. Trevor then drives Mr K to the Los Santos Airport and instructs him to leave the country.

Mission Guide

Go to the house

Go to Chumash

Find the target

SWITCH to Trevor

SWITCH to Trevor

Go to the airport

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Don’t Stop Me Now – Complete without Mr K’s heart stopping.
  • Electrocutioner – Electrocute Mr K.
  • The Tooth Hurts – Pull out Mr K’s tooth.
  • Wrenched – Hit Mr K with the wrench.
  • It’s Legal! – Use waterboarding on Mr K.

Video Guide

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