Lamar and Chop arrive at Franklin’s house where Lamar tells Franklin that he needs to go pick some stuff up, as they are walking to the car Lamar explains that he is going to kidnap “D”, a member of the Ballas gang. Franklin drives Lamar to an alley in Vinewood Boulevard where they find D talking to a girl.

Lamar and Franklin approach D with their faces masked but D makes a run for it on his motorbike, which leads to him being chased. During the chase, D wrecks his motorbike by smashing into a bus and continues to run on foot with Franklin and Chop following behind.

They approach a rail yard and Chop helps Franklin to find D by sniffing him out and biting him. Lamar kidnaps D and Franklin drives them both back to Lamar’s house. He then calls the Ballas requesting $40,000 to release D on his cell phone, Franklin tells him that they can trace his phone and has no other choice but to let D go.

Get in the van

Wait for Lamar

Go to Vinewood Boulevard

Get back in the van

Follow Chop

Open boxcars to see if D is hiding inside

Go to Chop and pull him off the dog

Take D to Lamar’s house

Stop the van to let D out

Drop Lamar off at the rec center

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Not a Scratch – Complete with minimal damage to Lamar’s van.
  • Homedog – Enter Chop’s perspective for 00:10.
  • Advanced Reflexes – Use Franklin’s special ability for 00:07.

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