Michael arrives at the garment factory to see Lester until Steve Haines and Dave Norton interrupt their conversation. They tell him that there are certain people who are questioning Haines’ decisions and actions, they want Michael to destroy any evidence they have by breaking into the FIB headquarters.

Michael agrees to do the job on one condition, that this is the last job that he does for Haines and Norton. As Lester and Michael make their way to the FIB headquarters, Lester tells Michael is plan of stealing a janitor’s uniform and ID to get into the building. Lester accesses the staff database and picks out Harvey Molina to steal from.

They park outside the staff exit for the FIB headquarters and wait until they see Molina’s car leave the building. Once they see his car they follow him to his home and Michael enters his apartment and steals his uniform and ID. Michael and Lester both head back to the garment factory.

Mission Guide

Get in your car

Go to the FIB building

Wait for the janitor’s car

Follow the janitor into his apartment

Get back in your car

Go to the garment factory

Go to the office

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Eagle Eye – Check all license plates.
  • He Missed a Spot – Follow the janitor without being spotted.
  • Time – Complete within 09:00.

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