This mission starts with Michael at home trying to watch a movie but Jimmy is playing a video game upstairs and making too much noise for him to do so. They both have an argument which leads them to going to Vespucci Beach to spend some time together, they go for a bike ride and race to the end of the pier.

Inevitably they end up arguing again and Jimmy confesses that Tracy is on a yacht trying to get on TV. Michael swims to yacht and causes a scene by grabbing Tracy onto a jet ski with Michael driving her away with the yacht’s owners in pursuit. After loosing the men, Michael drives back to the beach with Tracey and Jimmy leaving Michael behind.

Mission Guide

Go to the bike rental stand

Select a bike

Race Jimmy to the pier

Swim to the yacht

Lose the pursuers

Go to the shore

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Fastest Speed – Reach top speed on the Seashark.
  • Stabilizer – Don’t fall off the bicycle.
  • Faster Than Fish – Swim to the boat within 01:00.

Video Guides

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