The “Fame or Shame” mission starts with Trevor surprising Michael at his house, the duo have not seen each other in over 10 years. Michael tries to make up but Trevor seems hesitate and is angry about what happened over a decade ago. After introducing himself to the DeSanta family, it is quickly emerged that Tracey is at the Maze Bank Arena auditioning for Fame or Shame.

Trevor and Michael go after her to stop her from embarrassing herself on national television. After driving to the arena, they both enter the audition room and see Laszlo, the presenter, dancing inappropriately with Tracey which makes Michael angry.

Realising what he has done, Laszlo runs off from Michael and Trevor out of the arena and drives way. The duo follow him through the streets of Los Santos until his car runs out of fuel. Michael and Trevor then make fun of Laszlo by recording him dancing on their phone and eventually let him go.

Mission Guide

Go to the Maze Bank Arena

Go inside

Chase after Laszlo

Get in the truck

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Fastest Speed – Reach top speed in the Phantom.
  • Bearing Down – Stay close to Lazlow throughout the chase.
  • No, I Can Park Here – Knock out the event coordinator.
  • All Hooked Up – Don’t unhook the trailer.

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