The mission Franklin and Lamar takes place nine years after the Prologue, where we find Michael in his therapist’s office where Michael finds himself having a midlife crisis. Michael heads outside to cool off on a bench where Franklin and Lamar approach him to ask him where a house is so that they can repossess a car. They both take two cars from the house and race to the Union Depository Parking Lot where sirens are heard which leads them both driving off in different directions.

Franklin and Lamar meet up again at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership which is owned by Simeon Yetarian. When they enter the dealership they find Simeon arguing with a “racist” customer, Jimmy De Santa who is Michael’s son. Franklin pushes Jimmy into finalising a deal with a car and then heads back to his house with Lamar who makes fun of him when they arrive.

Mission Guide

Choose one of the cars

Follow Lamar

Lose the Cops

Take the car back to the dealership

Get in your car

Go to Franklin’s house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Not a Scratch – Deliver the repossessed car with minimal damage.
  • Focused Driver – Use Franklin’s special ability for 7 seconds.
  • Winner – Win the race against Lamar.
  • We Come in Peace – Avoid hitting any aliens in the movie studio.

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