This mission starts off with Michael, Trevor and Franklin meeting Devin Weston and his personal assistant, Molly Schultz at a construction site in Alta for a job that he is wanting them to do for him. Devin wants them to steal two supercars from two rich kids, he informs them that they will be dressed up as police officers on the Senora freeway.

Franklin drives off and finds the two rich kids at a gas station, he challenges them for a drag race. The drag race takes them up to Grapeseed where Michael and Trevor catch up and chase them on motorcycles until they pull over. Michael and Trevor grab the two kids out of their cars and the trio drive to Hayes Auto to complete the mission.

Mission Guide

Get in the car

Go to the gas station

Race the cars

Pull over and take the cars

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Tight Squeeze – Race between the two trucks.
  • Bus Passed – Race between the two buses.
  • Follow the Leader – Follow Trevor through the tunnel.
  • Time – Complete within 12:00.
  • Split Seconds – Use Franklin’s special ability during the race.

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