Michael arrives home and finds that his wife has been in bed with her personal tennis coach, he is furious and Franklin helps him to track her tennis coach, Kyle Chavis, down. They both leave in a “borrowed” truck and find that Chavis’ car is parked outside a mansion.

Michael spots Chavis on the deck of the mansion and verbally threatens him, Franklin then hooks up the truck’s winch cable to a frame supporting the house on the hill and collapses the house by accelerating the truck. Michael then receives a call from the tennis coach saying that the house did not belong to him, but to a gangster Martin Madrazo’s wife who now wants them killed.

Michael and Franklin escape Madrazo’s men and retreat back to Michael’s house, only to find Madrazo confronting him with a baseball bat demanding he pays for the reparation of the house. As Michael does not have enough money to pay this, he decided to return to his old life of crime.

Follow the tennis coach

Drive to the canyon

Get in the truck

Go back to Michael’s house

Lose Madrazo’s men

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Not a Scratch – Complete with minimal damage to the Bison.
  • Mission Time – Complete within 05:30.
  • Drive-by Killer – Kill 3 enemies whilst in a vehicle.

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