Trevor arrives home to find that The Lost MC have trashed up his trailer for what he did to their homes. He then makes his way over to Ammu-Nation and buys a sniper rifle with an advanced scope and a suppressor. Trevor drives himself and Ron to the Sandy Shores Airfield to intercept a weapons delivery.

Using his sniper rifle, Trevor covers Ron as he plants an explosive on a tank at the airfield. The Lost MC spot Trevor and Ron and try to stop them from taking the planes. Ron starts one the planes and Trevor covers him on the wing of the plane as he prepares to depart.

Trevor gets in the second plane and they both escape the airfield and make their way out to the ocean to drop off the weapon delivery before racing back to the airfield.

Mission Guide

Get on the ATV

Go to Ammu-Nation

Get an advanced scope and suppressor for the Sniper Rifle

Get onto the ATV

Go to Ron

Focus the sniper scope on Ron

Take out the biker

Help Ron secure the airstrip

Get on the plane

Follow the plane

Drop the cargo near the boats

Race Ron to the airstrip

Taxi the plane into the hangar

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Headshots – Kill 5 enemies.
  • Mission Time – Complete within 12:30.
  • Nervous Twitch – Win the race against Ron.
  • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane – Fly under any 6 bridges found along the flight path.
  • Death on a Wing – Kill all bikers whilst lying on the plane wing.

Video Guides

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