Franklin heads over to Lamar’s house, when he gets there he gets phone call from Lamar with him saying that he has stolen the last car for Devin Weston. Franklin meets Lamar and they both head off to meet Trevor who has a Packer ready to transport the stolen vehicles for Weston.

As Trevor is driving the Packer, Franklin falls asleep. Lamar and Trevor talk about what is happening between himself and Michael. As they continue along the highway, the cops see the Packer and tell Trevor to pull over as they suspect the Packer is driving stolen vehicles.

Franklin wakes up and climbs out of the Packer whilst Trevor is still driving, to climb into the JB 700. Franklin gets into the JB 700 and detaches himself so that he lands on the road, using the vehicles gun and road spikes he takes out the cop cars before they reach the drop off point.

Franklin meets Molly Schultz, Devin’s assistant, only to be found out that he will not be paid again for doing work for Weston.

Mission Guide

Collect the car

Take the car to the garage

Go to the drop off point

SWITCH to Franklin

Defend the truck from the Cops

Follow the truck to the drop off point

Meet with Molly

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 12:00.
  • Not a Scratch – Complete with minimal damage to the JB 700.
  • Shredder – Take out 3 cop cars using the spikes.

Video Guides

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