Michael meets up with Trevor at his office and is quickly joined by Steve Haines and Dave Norton. They explain to them that they want another job doing by them and that they will need a $2 million helicopter to complete it which they don’t have.

Michael and Lester talk about a bank out in Paleto Bay and the trio agree to meet there, once they meet up they check out the bank and test their security by shooting the alarm and seeing what kind of response they get from the local police enforcement. After they have checked out the bank, they head back to Trevor’s meth lab and plan the heist.

Mission Guide

Get into your car

Go to Paleto Bay

Go to the bank

Focus on the bank

Drive to the lot next door

Shoot the alarm

Get back in the car

Watch from the gas station

Race Trevor to his office

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Leisurely Drive – Drive to the bank within 03:30.
  • Winner – Win the race back to the meth lab.

Video Guides

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