When Franklin returns to Simeon’s dealership, he is awarded Employee of the Month and is given a task to repossess a motorbike from a gang in Vespucci Beach. After arriving at the beach, Franklin comes to the conclusion that the man whom the bike belonged to is a Vagos member which makes him decide to enter the premises quietly.

After Franklin and Lamar search the garages to find the bike, they are confronted with the gang members after Lamar shoots the leader. The bike appears and races off with Franklin and Lamar following behind and eventually killing the biker. Lamar decides to keep the vehicle and chooses to tell Simeon that they failed to collect the bike instead.

Go to Vespucci Beach

Follow Lamar

Search the garages

Take out the Vagos

Get the bike

Get on the bike

Go to the car wash

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Mission Time – Complete within 06:30.
  • Trail Blazer – Shoot the gasoline trail.
  • Headshots – Kill 6 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.

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