Michael is at is house still realising that his family have not returned to him. He falls asleep on the couch whilst watching a movie, only to wake up with Jimmy in front of him. Jimmy blames Michael for all that has gone wrong but still admits that he misses his father.

Michael and Jimmy drive to Bean Machine, a coffee shop near Michael’s house where Amanda and Fabien are currently at. After a fight between Fabien and Michael, Amanda asks for counselling to which he agrees too. Amanda drives off with Fabien to help him after he is injured from Michael. Michael and Jimmy go to a tattoo parlour to pick up Tracey, only to find out she is with Lazlow from Fame or Shame again.

Michael is furious to hear Lazlow asking Tracey for sexual acts again, out of anger he pierces his eyebrow, nose and ear as well as tattooing a penis on his body and cutting off his signature ponytail. The trio leave and drive to Dr. Friedlander’s office for a family therapy session.

After the argumentative therapy session is over, Michael drives his family home.

Mission Guide

Go to Bean Machine

Go to the tattoo parlour

Go to Dr. Friedlander’s office

Go back to Michael’s house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 10:30.

Video Guides

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