Michael is at home watching a movie and smoking a cigar when Amanda confronts him about his behaviour and they both start arguing. Fabian, Amanda’s yoga teacher, enters the room and suggests that Michael joins them for their yoga session. They head outside and Michael participates in the yoga session until he gets angry with Fabian doing sexual poses with his wife.

Amanda, having lost her patience with Michael, tells Michael that she is leaving him and never coming back. Michael then goes to Jimmy’s room wanting to do something out of the house with him, they both go to Burger Shot to see Jimmy’s drug dealer.

On the way home, Jimmy gives Michael a drug which gives him hallucinations that he is on a UFO and falling through the sky. He wakes up on some grass not far from his house, when he gets to his house he finds a note from Amanda saying that she is leaving and is not sure when or if she will be back.

Mission Guide

Complete the yoga exercise

Go to Jimmy’s room

Get in your car

Go to Burger Shot

Go back to Michael’s house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 15:00.
  • Warrior – Complete the 1st yoga pose without fault.
  • Triangle – Complete the 2nd yoga pose without fault.
  • Praise the Sun! – Complete the 3rd yoga pose without fault.

Video Guides

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