At the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, which Trevor now owns, the four characters meet up at discuss plans for “The Big One”, a robbery at the Union Depository. They all head out of the office, Michael and Franklin check out the front and back of the building in a car whilst Trevor and Lester are in a helicopter watching security cars enter the building.

Lester then wants to check out an escape route he has in mind, he asks Trevor to hover over a construction site near the Union Depository whilst he makes notes. Trevor then flies them both back to the airfield which leads Lester to conclude that there are two possible ways of doing the heist. Michael drives Franklin back to his house.

Mission Guide

Drive to the bank

Scope out the bank entrance

Drive to the airfield

Get in the helicopter

Fly to Murrieta Heights

Search for the construction entrance

Hover near the construction entrance

Go to the airfield

Take Franklin to his house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Perfect Distance – Follow the vans without being warned on distance.
  • Cavity Search – Find the construction hole within 20 seconds.
  • Under the Bridge – Fly under the bridge whilst following the security vans.
  • Tunnel Flight – Fly through the tunnel whilst following the security vans.
  • Time – Complete within 11:00.

Video Guides

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