This is the final heist in Grand Theft Auto V, you have two approaches for this heist, “Subtle” and “Obvious”. We are going to provide guides for both of these approaches on this page.

Best Crew and Approach for Highest Payout

If you want to earn the maximum amount of cash through the Big Score, you should choose the “Subtle” approach. The crew you should pick are as follows, Karim Denz and Taliana Martinez for the drivers, Daryl Johns and Norm Richards for the gunmen and Ricky Luckens for the hacker.

Subtle Approach

Michael, Franklin and Trevor meet up at the Vanilla Unicorn Gentlemen’s Club to discuss the plan, after Michael and Trevor have finished bickering with each other, Michael drives his crew to the tunnel and waits for two Stockades to enter the tunnel. Just before the two Stockades enter the tunnel, Michael drops stinger on the road, drives away and waits for the Stockades’ tires to pop on the stingers.

Now that the Stockades have come to a halt, the crew exit their SUV and order the Union Depository workers out of the van whilst Michael’s crew change the tires on the vehicles. The workers are forced to come back in the Stockades with Michael’s crew to support them in passing through security. They drive to the Union Depository building’s underground entrance and pass through security with a worker’s ID. Now that Michael’s crew is in the building, they follow the manager to the vault where all the gold is being held.

Trevor and a Union Depository worker push the carts back to the Securicars and they drive out of the building. Michael calls Franklin to tell him that they have been successful in taking the gold but gets interrupted with Franklin explaining that Merryweather have witnessed them stealing it.

Franklin and the hacker use a computer to change the traffic lights on the road so that the Merryweather SUVs do not find the Securicars. Once Michael’s crew have parked the Securicars, they open the doors and transfer the gold evenly between four modified Gauntlets. After they have split the gold, Merryweather find the crew and start a large shootout.

When the Merryweather troops have been killed, Franklin follows the rest of the crew in the Gauntlets who are now being chased by the cops. They drive through Los Santos and eventually reach a tunnel where two large trucks open their trailers, allowing the Gauntlets to enter making them disappear in the cops’ eyes when they exit the tunnel and return to Michael’s house.

Mission Guide

  • Get into the car

  • Get to the tunnel entrance before 8:00am

  • Drop the stinger in the tunnel before the vans leave

  • Wait for the Securicars

  • Go to the depository

  • Follow the manager

  • Get into the van

  • Follow Trevor

  • SWITCH to Franklin

  • Keep the roads clear for the vans

  • Defend the crew from Merryweather

  • Follow the rest of the crew

  • Drive the car onto the truck

  • Go to Michael’s house

Video Guides

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Headshots – Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • Signal Man – Perform less than 10 traffic light changes.
  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.

Obvious Approach

Michael, Franklin and Trevor meet up at the Vanilla Unicorn Gentlemen’s club where they discuss the plan for the Union Depository heist. They then split up and Michael drives outside the Union Depository building to go in through the front door with the other gunman to distract the cops from Franklin drilling through the walls to get into the vault underground.

Once Franklin has drilled through the wall, he blows open the vault cages with sticky bombs and defends the other gunman from the LSPD that attack them through the tunnels whist he moves the crates of gold out of the vault, ready to be hooked up to the helicopters. Trevor and the other driver then fly out of the city whilst Franklin and the other gunman continue to defend themselves from the LSPD.

After Michael escapes the Union Depository building, he and the other gunman are engaged in a large shootout with the cops, they push their way through to an underground garage where they continue to kill NOOSE teams that arrive in SUVs. Once they are clear of mercenaries, Michael and his gunman enter the getaway car and drive off to escape the heat.

Once Michael is clear from the cops, Trevor and the other driver pilot the helicopters to Blaine County where Lester who is in Trevor’s helicopter uses RPGs to destroy the Merryweather helicopters trying to stop them. After the three helicopters have been destroyed, Trevor and the other driver carefully position the gold crates over a train and detach them in the train car. Trevor and the other driver then land at McKenzie Field and tell the crew that they are clear.

Mission Guide

  • Get into the car

  • Go to the bank

  • Drill through the wall into the bank vault

  • Park the cutter out of the way by the wall

  • Place explosive charges on the vault doors

  • Defend Norm Richards from the NOOSE team

  • Defend against the NOOSE team

  • SWITCH to Trevor

  • Fly out of the city

  • SWITCH to Michael

  • Escape with Packie McReary

  • Get into the car

  • Lose the Cops

  • SWITCH to Trevor

  • Follow Eddie Toh

  • Drop the gold into the train car

  • Land at the airfield

Video Guides

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Headshots – Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • Time – Complete within 16:00.
  • Cha-Ching – Drop the gold onto the train within 30 seconds.
  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.

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