This is the fifth heist in Grand Theft Auto V, you have two approaches for this heist, “Fire Crew” and “Roof Entry”. We are going to provide guides for both of these approaches on this page.

Best Crew and Approach for Highest Payout

If you want to earn the maximum amount of cash through the Bureau Raid, you should choose the “Roof Entry” approach. The crew you should pick are as follows, Taliana Martinez for the driver, Daryl Johns for the gunman and Ricky Luckens for the hacker.

Fire Crew Approach

Michael drives to the FIB building on Pillbox Hill dressed up in the janitor’s uniform that he acquired, he enters the building and passes through security with Harvey Molina’s identification card and takes the elevator to get to the 49th floor. Michael then walks to the maintenance room and picks up a mop and mops the office floor. As he is moping he plants one bomb inside a locker and another behind a toilet in the restroom. Once the two bombs are in place, Michael puts the mop back inside the maintenance room and leaves the building.

Once outside of the building, Michael calls Franklin to give him the go ahead and he picks up Michael in the fire truck. Franklin detonates the bombs using his cell phone and drives the fire truck to the FIB building.

The crew leave the fire truck in fireman’s uniform and enters the building and quickly makes their way to the 47th floor and continuing to the 53th floor using the stairs. Once Michael and his crew reaches the 53th floor, he blows open the server room door and takes the containment drive. The crew run back to the stairs to leave the building but as they are running on the stairs, the staircase collapses and they are forced to take another route. They find themselves at a locked door which explodes as a crewman attempts to open it, as they continue to make their way through the floor, Franklin is knocked unconscious from an explosion. When he awakes, Michael and the rest of the crew are a floor below him and Franklin shoots any FIB agents on his way to them.

Franklin is now regrouped with the crew and they move to an elevator shaft and rappel down dodging any falling objects from the rooftop. After they have reached the ground floor and exited the FIB building, the crew run back into the fire truck and drive to the getaway vehicle.

The fire truck is destroyed and using the getaway vehicle, the crew are driven to Lester’s house.

Mission Guide

  • Go to the FIB building

  • Enter the FIB building and go to the turnstile

  • Go to the elevator

  • Pick up the mop

  • Go to the office floor

  • Mop the floor

  • Plant the bomb in the locker

  • Pick up the bucket

  • Go to the next room

  • Mop the floor

  • Plant the bomb in the restroom

  • Pick up the bucket

  • Take the mop and bucket back to the closet

  • Go to the elevator and leave the office

  • Leave the building

  • Pick up Michael on Pillbox Hill

  • Use the phone to detonate the C4

  • Go to the FIB building

  • Enter the FIB building

  • Go to the elevator

  • Go to the top floor

  • Get the containment drive

  • Blow open the door

  • Follow Michael out of the building

  • Follow your crew

  • Help up Norm Richards

  • Climb up the rubble

  • Go to the elevator shaft

  • Leave the building and get to the fire truck

  • Go to the getaway location

  • Leave the fire truck

  • Destroy the fire truck

  • Get in the car

  • Go to Lester’s house

Video Guides

Roof Entry Approach

Franklin meets up with Michael and Lester at the garment factory to discuss the plan, Franklin and Michael then drive to the NOOSE headquarters off the Palomino Freeway, the rest of the crew are waiting there for Michael and Franklin. The time advances to midnight and the crew enter a helicopter on the rooftop where Michael flies them to the jump zone near the FIB building.

The crew jump out of the helicopter and parachute onto the rooftop where Franklin opens the glass panel so that the crew can enter the building. Once the crew is inside, they find the server room locked and blow the door open with a sticky bomb. Michael enters the server room and uses programs on his cellphone to hack the server terminal.

Whilst the computer files are being copied onto Michael’s cellphone, a security team start attacking the crew and they fight back until the cell phone has finished copying the files. Once the security team has been killed, the crew escape the FIB building killing any more FIB agents in the way.

The crew will find themselves with no choice but to rappel down the building after their helicopter got shot down by Merryweather. They continue to fend off more security guards and cops including the Merryweather helicopter and reach their getaway vehicle located just outside the FIB building. Once the heat from the cops has been cleared, the crew drive to Franklin’s house for a debrief.

Mission Guide

  • Go to the government facility

  • Get in the helicopter

  • Fly to the jump zone

  • Land on the FIB building rooftop

  • Go to the server room

  • Hack the server terminal

  • Escape the FIB building

  • Destroy the helicopter gunship

  • Get to the pickup location

  • Get in the ambulance

Video Guides

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 18:00.
  • Out of Breath – Escape with 40% oxygen remaining.
  • You Missed a Spot – Complete the mopping section within 03:00.
  • Abseiler – Abseil down the elevator shaft within 30 seconds.

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