Franklin returns to his house to find Lamar and Stretch approaching him to ask him for help with some “business” they need to take care of. Stretch has just been released from prison but Franklin isn’t happy to see him back. He drives the three of them to Ammu-Nation to buy a weapon and then heads over to the Recycling Plant to where the business is going to be taken care of.

At the plant, they meet up to D but it turns out the deal is set up by the Ballas. The trio fight their way through the building to escape the Ballas, then they escape the cops chasing them and return to Franklin’s home.

Mission Guide

Go to Ammu-Nation

Buy an item from the shop

Go to the meeting at the Recycling Plant

Escape the recycling plant

Escape the junkyard

Lose the Cops

Go back to Franklin’s house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.
  • Headshots – Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.
  • Unmarked – Complete with minimal damage to health and armor.
  • Time – Complete within 10:30.

Video Guides

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