This mission’s objective is to kill Stretch, Steve Haines and Devin Weston as he does not want to take out Michael and Trevor as he was told to by Devin Weston. Franklin first rings Lester for help who tells him to come over to talk. Lester who is also panicking about the situation initially does not know what to do but then recommends Franklin to kill Haines and Weston by going to the foundry to ambush the FIB team with Michael and Trevor.

Franklin drives to pick up Lamar for help and then they both make their way over to the foundry. Michael and Trevor are both bickering at the foundry but Franklin tells them to stop and get ready for the ambush on the FIB team. The FIB team and Merryweather start making their way into the foundry and the trio start fighting back inside the building.

Lamar has been spotted outside of the foundry by Merryweather, Franklin runs outside to help him and kills all of the armed men trying to attack Lamar. Michael can’t get hold of Trevor who has gone missing inside the foundry, he moves to the other side of the building and finds Trevor taking cover. More attackers push inside the building and Trevor and Michael work together to keep the heat off.

Once they are clear inside, Michael and Trevor move to the exits to help Franklin and Lamar outside. Helicopters make their way to the scene and the four characters keep the attackers off them. Once they are completely clear outside, they regroup outside the main doors where Franklin tells them both about what Devin Weston told him to do.

The trio come to the agreement that they need to silence a few people so that they can stop being messed with. They agree on Stretch, Mr. Cheng, Steve Haines and Devin Weston and ring Lester to find their whereabouts. They each split up and work to taking out their assigned targets.

Trevor drives to the Del Perro pier and uses a sniper rifle to kill Steve Haines who is shooting a movie on the ferris wheel. Michael drives to Davis Avenue in Chamberlain Hills and kills Stretch who is talking to friends on a basketball court. Lastly, Franklin drives north on the Great Ocean Highway until he sees Mr. Cheng’s car pulling out. He takes out Mr. Cheng who is in the passenger seat of one of the three cars.

The last person to get silenced is Devin Weston, Trevor drives to his house in Chumash and notices that his house is surrounded by Merryweather guards. He takes out the guards one by one and finds Weston hiding by his swimming pool. He grabs Weston, ties him up and throws him in the trunk of his own car. Whilst making his way to the rendezvous point, he calls Michael and Franklin and tells them to meet him at the cliffs off the GOH, Chilliad Mountain State Wilderness.

When the trio meet up, they push the car into the ocean where it explodes after it hits a large rock at the bottom of the cliff, they then make their own separate ways and leave the scene.

Mission Guide

Go pick up Lamar at his house

Go to the foundry

Enter the foundry

Ambush the FIB team when ready

SWITCH to Franklin

Go to Lamar

Take out the attackers

Rescue Trevor

Take out the attackers

Go outside

Take out the attackers

Regroup outside the main doors

Get rid of Mr. Cheng

Get rid of Mr. Cheng

Escape the Triads

Lose the Cops

SWITCH to Michael or Trevor

Take out Stretch

Escape the Ballas

SWITCH to Trevor

Bring down Haines

Lose the Cops

Go to Devin’s house

Kidnap Devin

Take out the guards

Go to the rendezvous point

Finish Devin

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 21:30.
  • Headshots – Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Stick, Tick… Boom! – Kill Cheng with a Sticky Bomb.
  • Lead Lobotomy – Kill Steve Haines with a headshot.
  • Stretched Out – Kill Stretch with a melee attack.

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