Michael and Dave Norton meet up at the Kortz Center where Michael tells Dave that his FIB headquarters raid was successful. They are then ambushed by Agent Sanchaz and Steve Haines with a Mexican stand off being started. The four men are then confronted by IAA agents who attempt to arrest the four men but not before a Merryweather helicopter arrives at the scene with armed forces on the ground.

Steve Haines gets shot in the leg and shoots Agent Sanchez in the head for ratting him out, he then escapes on foot. Dave and Michael separate and start shooting the armed men on the ground. Whilst they are shooting there way to get to the ground floor courtyard, Trevor shoots the pilot in the Merryweather helicopter, surprising Michael by his appearance and for saving his life and continues to provide sniper support.

Dave and Michael eventually meet at the Courtyard to where they run to the parking lot and escape the Kortz Center in seperate cars. Trevor also escapes on foot and he meets Michael, who is escaping a Merryweather helicopter, at Morningwood. After the heat from Merryweather is gone, Trevor tells Michael that he wants Lester to push on with the big score.

Mission Guide

Meet with Dave

Escape the Kortz Center via the balcony

Shoot the pilot

Take out the FIB Agents

Get downstairs to the courtyard

Defend Dave

Go to the parking lot

Escape to Morningwood

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 07:00.
  • Headshots – Kill 18 enemies with a headshot.
  • Buzz Off! – Shoot down the pursuing helicopter.

Video Guides

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