This mission starts with Trevor at a bar breaking up a fight whilst waiting for two Chinese gentlemen for a meeting. The two men enter the bar and introduce themselves to Trevor, he then takes them to his meth lab but is informed by Chef that the Aztecas are coming over to kill him because of what he did to Ortega.

Trevor hides the two gentlemen in an icebox at the back of the building and fights off the Aztecas before attempting to recommence the tour of the meth lab. Mr Cheng’s translator is upset by what has happened and leaves Trevor at the meth lab with Chef.

Mission Guide

Go to the meth lab

Take out Ortega’s men

Follow Chef outside

Go to the ice box

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Body Count – Kill 32 enemies.
  • Unmarked – Complete with minimal damage to health and armor.
  • Scrap Man – Destroy 6 vehicles.
  • Time – Complete within 04:30.

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