The Civil Border Patrol

Trevor stumbles across Joe and Josef looking into an abandoned vehicle along Joshua Road in the Grand Senora Desert, he immediately gets accused as an illegal immigrant by the duo and gets requested to show his passport. Joe explains to Trevor who is confused that himself and Josef are members of the Civil Border Patrol, a group of citizens who work to keep illegal immigrants out of America. They ask Trevor if he wants to help them and Trevor agrees.

The trio drive to the Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores where Joe believes there are illegal immigrants hiding there. When they arrive, Trevor enters the premises only to find that there are no immigrants inside the building. Once he lives, he sees two mariachi singers in a car escaping the inn. They pursue the singers until they crash their car and they are captured by the Joe and Josef who take it from there and thank Trevor for his help.

Mission Guide

Go to the suspects
Get in the patrol vehicle
Stop the band’s car
Use the stun gun on the mariachi


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