Trevor meets up with Josh at Cypress Flats and as a reward for Trevor completing Josh’s previous job, he gives Trevor a room in the Bilingsgate Motel where he spends the night with his wife. The next morning, he exits the motel room and Josh explains he has one more job for him.

Lenny Avery who used to be Josh’s friend and is now his business rival is meeting up with a few clients at a house in Rockford Hills, he wants Trevor to sort him out. Trevor drives to Rockford Hills and asks a jogger for Avery’s whereabouts. He arrives at the mansion and Lenny escapes in his car.

Trevor chases down Avery who is driving a green Comet and makes him crash his car and threatens and scares him to leave Josh and his business alone.

Mission Guide

Find Avery in Rockford Hills

Stop Avery

Threaten Avery

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