Trevor approaches a gated mansion on West Eclipse Boulevard, he finds a man called Josh. Josh explains to Trevor that the gates mansion is up for sale and tries to sell it to Trevor, but he then admits that the house is not his to sell. He confesses that he is a real estate agent but his former best friend, Lenny Avery, has stolen all of his clients.

Josh asks Trevor if he can do him a favor, he asks Trevor to smash all of Lenny’s “For Sale” signs on his properties located around north Los Santos and if he does, Josh will introduce Trevor to a prostitute.

After leaving, Trevor receives a text message from Josh including a link to Lenny Avery’s website. On the website you are able to set waypoints to the properties with the for sale signs. After smashing all fifteen signs, Trevor will receive a text from Josh asking him to meet him at the Bilingsgate Motel.

We recommend you take out the signs with a baseball bat or hammer, as if you use a gun it is much easier for you to get a wanted level.

Mission Guide

Properties with for sale signs can be found on the Lenny Avery Realty website within Eyefind

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