Fair Game

Trevor meets Cletus at the lodge in Paleto Forest, he gives Trevor a deer call and says that the two of them are going to hunt for elk. They both walk into the forest and Cletus teaches Trevor how to hunt for elk using the caller and why to consider the wind direction when hunting elk.

After they have worked together to kill three elk, Cletus leaves Trevor to kill an elk on his own. After Trevor kills the elk, he approaches the corpse and sends a photograph of the elk to Cletus. Cletus then calls Trevor and proposes that they should work together to kill animals so they can sell their meat. Trevor declines as he says he has other things he needs to focus on at the moment.

Mission Guide

Follow Cletus
Hunt the elk
Hunt the elk
Hunt the elk
Hunt the elk
Approach the elk’s corpse
Photograph the corpse
Send this picture to Cletus


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