Franklin finds the weed stash in an old car in La Puerta, he gets inside the car and attempts to start the engine but fails to do so after trying several times. He calls Barry and he tells Franklin to push the vehicle somehow to his apartment at Vespucci Canals. Franklin goes to the entrance and uses the tow truck parked to tow the vehicle to Barry’s apartment.

After Michael takes a hit, Barry starts talking about monsters and not letting them get too near. Michael starts to hallucinate and the world around him turns blurry and purple. He finds himself with a mini gun and fighting off aliens to stop them from abducting him.

After killing all of the aliens, Michael goes back to reality. He is confused by what he just happened and tells Barry to stay away from him.

Mission Guide

This is where the weed stash is located in La Puerta.

Get in the stash car

Find a way to move the stash car

Go to Barry’s apartment

Leave the area

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