Surreal Estate

Trevor again gets rewarded from the previous job he did for Josh with a night with a woman in a motel room at Bilingsgate Motel. The next morning, Josh reveals that the woman is actually his wife. Josh then asks Trevor to do one more job for him, he wants Trevor to burn down his mansion in Rockford Hills so that he can collect the insurance.

He explains that he can take his car to the house which has a jerry can he can use to ignite the house. When Trevor gets to the mansion, he goes to the rear and starts to pour gas from the grill to the front of the house. Trevor then shoots the gasoline trail igniting the house, leaves the scene and escapes the cops.

Mission Guide

Collect the jerry can in Josh’s car
Go to Josh’s house
Pour a gasoline trail
Shoot the gasoline trail to ignite it
Leave the area
Lose the Cops


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