GTA Online: Smuggler’s Week with Double GTA$ and RP Opportunities

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This week on Grand Theft Auto Online, players can earn double GTA$ and RP opportunities with what Rockstar Games are calling Smuggler’s Week. In an advertisement on the loading screen of GTA V, Rockstar have revealed the following information.

The skies of Southern San Andreas are open for business this week as Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions are dishing out Double GTA$ & RP through April 30th.

Plus, get even more Double GTA$ & RP this week in:

Hotring Circuit Stockpile The Vespucci Job

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Rockstar Games Release “Gunrunning” DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online

After a lot of patience from Grand Theft Auto fans, the Gunrunning DLC is finally here and players are already quickly spending millions of in-game dollars to get the best experience from the latest DLC Rockstar has released. Rockstar announced that the Gunrunning DLC will be bringing “The manufacture and distribution of illegal arms” to San Andreas.

To start off, once you are on GTA Online, head onto the internet and go to the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. Here you will … (click to continue)

Grand Theft Auto Online Gunrunning DLC Announcement

A few days ago, Rockstar Games announced a new DLC that will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online called “Gunrunning”. They made the announcement on Twitter which included a link to a trailer that shows what players can expect to experience when the new DLC gets released on June 13th.

Gunrunning is all about the weapons trade in San Andreas, it will be focusing on smuggling expensive and dangerous weapons within Los Santos along with giving players the ability to … (click to continue)

Grand Theft Auto Online Double GTA$ and Opportunities for June

Rockstar Games have announced that until June 12th, players on Grand Theft Auto Online are able to experience big limited discounts within the online world. Players are able to get double GTA$ through these opportunities:

Yachts Executive Offices & Garages Imponte Ruiner 2000 Coil Rocket Voltic Rhino Tank HVY Insurgent Pick-Up

You are able to buy Yachts now for as little as $4,500,000 on Dock Tease but thats without all the cool upgrades that you can get with it, the Dynasty8 Executive complexes are also more affordable … (click to continue)

Grand Theft Auto Online Players Receive Free $425,000

Great news for Grand Theft Auto Online players! Rockstar Games have announced that if you login to your online account you can look forward to a stack of cash up to $425,000 because of a tax refund. So, don’t forget to login and grab that free money. Maybe this will go towards that super yacht you’ve been saving up for or towards upgrades for your Zentorno. There isn’t a wrong way to spend free money.

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