Abandonment Issues

Last Updated: 29th April 2018

  • Michael De Santa

Abandonment Issues is the fifth and final therapy session that Michael has with his therapist, Dr. Friedlander. The dialogue at the beginning of the therapy session will depend on which mission was completed beforehand.

If the mission was The Bureau Raid or Legal Trouble, Michael explains that it’s hard to keep track of who wants to kill him at any given moment. He reveals that his best friend Trevor wants to kill him but they are playing nice at present because of a project they are working on together. Michael also says that the FIB want him dead because he is no longer useful to them and Devin Weston wants him dead for not cancelling the movie production at the film studio. But, Michael does explain that since his family has moved back in with him, things are getting better. Dr. Friedlander responds by saying that family is important but Michael needs to be sure that he wants them there for the right reasons.

If the previous mission was Something Sensible or The Third Way, Michael says that things have been pretty good for him. He says that he as made a lot of money and the majority of people that wanted him dead are gone. He also reveals that his life his still a mess but has a more optimistic outlook. Dr. Friedlander responds by saying that hope is the enemy of hard work.

Michael speaking to Dr. Friedlander in Abandonment Issues
Michael speaking to Dr. Friedlander in Abandonment Issues

Michael’s therapist then offers some advice to which the player can accept or reject. If Michael rejects Dr. Friedlander’s advice, he will tell him that he is fucked up but is still a good guy underneath. On the other hand if Michael accepts his advice, he will respond by saying that he really wants to be good but has a short temper.

Michael then gets asked about his recent sexual behaviour, again Michael’s response to this will be dependent on the player’s action in the game. If Michael did not sleep with any prostitutes then he will respond by saying the has had “thoughts” but didn’t follow them through or that he has been a “good boy”. However if Michael did sleep with prositutes, he will explain that he “got lonely” and called a girl to which Dr. Friedlander will critisice him for doing so.

As the therapy session continues, Michael claims that he has made progress in some areas but none in others, Dr. Friedlander responds by claiming that he has never heard such a barrage of denail, self-justification and outright horror. He takes out a camera, takes a photo with Michael and reveals that he is leaving Los Santos and that Michael needs to find a new therapist. Dr. Friedlander says that his reason for this is because he is getting his own TV show. Michael, who is unhappy about this, confronts him as he is leaving the office to which Dr. Friedlander responds by saying Michael doesn’t need to be concerned because he will not be using real names on his show.

Outside of his office, Dr. Friedlander will enter his car to which the player has the option to kill him or let him escape. If the player kills him then Dr. Friedlander will drop $2023 and a internet news article will appear to confirm his death. On the other hand if the player leaves him, the internet news article will still appear but Michael will recieve an email from him saying that they should both forget about what happened and move forward. Michael can respond to the email threatening to kill him if they ever meet again.


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