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  • Michael De Santa

Chaos is the first therapy session that Michael has with his therapist, Dr. Friedlander. The dialogue at the beginning of the therapy session will depend on which mission was completed beforehand.

If the mission was Marriage Counseling, Michael explains that he pulled down Martin Madrazo’s house off the Vinewood Hills and says that he is back in the “life” of needing to make money so that he can pay for the damage. Dr. Friedlander responds by claiming Michael “feels a need to explain every decision” that he makes and therefore needs to take more responsibility for his actions.

If the previous mission was Friend Request, Michael says that since he pulled Madrazo’s house off the Vinewood Hills he realises that all he has ever done is robbing and killing people. He elaborates and says he has joined an old associate and now his life is out of control. Dr. Friedlander responds by telling Michael his level of denial is “concerning”.

Michael speaking to Dr. Friedlander in Chaos
Michael speaking to Dr. Friedlander in Chaos

Dr. Friedlander then continues and asks Michael if he has had any other “voilent” urges, Michael’s response to this question is entirely dependent on the player’s actions in the game. Michael may say that he feels like “two different people” and he doesn’t like either of them. Michael may also state that he “hurts other people without thinking” and then “feels bad” about it, calling himself a “sick hypocritical fuck”.

Michael’s therapist then offers some advice to which the player can accept or reject. If Michael rejects Dr. Friedlander’s advice, he will tell him that “everyone makes mistakes” and he is not trying to be perfect. On the other hand if Michael accepts his advice, he will respond by saying that he just wants to be “happy”.

Michael then gets asked about his recent sexual behaviour, again Michael’s response to this will be dependent on the player’s action in the game. If Michael did not sleep with any prostitutes then he will respond by saying the has had “thoughts” but didn’t follow them through or that he has been a “good boy”. However if Michael did sleep with prositutes, he will explain that he “got lonely” and called a girl to which Dr. Friedlander will critisice him for doing so.

The session then gets ended abruptly by Dr. Friedlander just as Michael has a “breakthrough” who says that their session time is over. Michael pays his therapist $500 and leaves the clinic.


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