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  • Michael De Santa

Evil is the second therapy session that Michael has with his therapist, Dr. Friedlander. The dialogue at the beginning of the therapy session will depend on which mission was completed beforehand.

If the mission was Fame or Shame, Michael reveals that he is back in the “game”, he also reveals that his old friend Trevor has found him and he now needs Dr. Friedlander’s help to deal with the situation he has found himself in. Dr. Friedlander responds by saying to Michael that honesty is an obstacle towards him and asks him if he has ever considered that transparency might be less painful than obfuscation.

If the previous mission was Dead Man Walking, Michael says that he has been involved in a lot of monumental mistakes recently such as pulling down a house, stock market scams and the jewelry store job. He also explains that he has found himself playing gun thug with the FIB until Trevor decides if he wants to kill him and his family. Dr. Friedlander responds by saying that Michael is only telling himself these things to justify his behaviour.

If the mission was Blitz Play, Michael says that the FIB is asking him to do more for them, he also goes into the nuclear heist that Trevor has got him to participate in. Dr. Friedlander says that Michael is only giving him facts but not telling him how he feels emotionally.

Dr. Friedlander asks if Michael has anything else he needs to talk about, his response will be dependent on the player’s actions in the game. Michael may say that he feels like two different people and that he doesn’t like either of them, or he may say that he killed someone on the way to the clinic and that he is a sick hypocrite. Regardless of what Michael says to his therapist, Dr. Friedlander will say denial is the cornerstone of relapses to which the player can accept or reject this advice.

If Michael rejects Dr. Friedlander’s advice, he will tell him that he never said he was perfect. On the other hand if Michael accepts his advice, he will tell him that he doesn’t like himself very much and that’s the truth.

Michael then gets asked about his recent sexual behaviour, again Michael’s response to this will be dependent on the player’s action in the game. If Michael did not sleep with any prostitutes then he will respond by saying the has had “thoughts” but didn’t follow them through or that he has been a “good boy”. However if Michael did sleep with prositutes, he will explain that he “got lonely” and called a girl to which Dr. Friedlander will critisice him for doing so.

The session continues as Dr. Friedlander says to Michael that he might be a fascinating rare combination a sociopath and a deluded psychopath or just a classic case of a weak pup who was weaned too soon by an angry mother. He then ends the session telling Michael to think about the type of person he wants to be. Michael pays his therapist $1000 and leaves the clinic.


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