Fucked Up

Last Updated: 29th April 2018

  • Michael De Santa

Fucked Up is the fourth therapy session that Michael has with his therapist, Dr. Friedlander and the second phone session that they have together. The dialogue of the therapy session will depend on which mission was completed beforehand.

If the mission was Derailed, Michael will say that things have been bad for him and that he is still suffering. He continues and says that he has lost everything and he’s hanging out with a maniac that will probably kill him if they government doesn’t do it first. Michael also confesses that he wants his family back but wants them to be different as well as himself and the world. Dr. Friedlander responds that being obsessed with things that we throw away is an easy avoidance technique.

If the previous mission was Fresh Meat, Michael explains that things have been a mixed bag for him. He says that he took soome time to reflect on his life and has finally realised what he wants which is his family back. Michael also continues and says he is going to pay his last debts and escape the criminal life he has found himself back in. Dr. Friedlander responds by saying that this looks like progress and asks him not to underestimate all the time that they spend on sessions.

Dr. Friedlander asks if Michael has anything else he needs to talk about, his response will be dependent on the player’s actions in the game. Michael may say that he feels like two different people and that he doesn’t like neither of them, or he may say that he hurts other people without thinking and then feels bad about what he did. Regardless of what Michael says to his therapist, Dr. Friedlander will give advice to which the player can accept or reject this advice.

If Michael rejects Dr. Friedlander’s advice, he will say that he never claimed that he was a saint and that he has “fucked up”. On the other hand if Michael accepts his advice, he will tell him that he just wants to be happy.

Michael then gets asked about his recent sexual behaviour, again Michael’s response to this will be dependent on the player’s action in the game. If Michael did not sleep with any prostitutes then he will respond by saying the has had “thoughts” but didn’t follow them through or that he has been a “good boy”. However if Michael did sleep with prositutes, he will explain that he “got lonely” and called a girl to which Dr. Friedlander will critisice him for doing so.

The phone session continues wih Michael explaining that since he pulled Martin Madrazo’s house down, he has not been the same. Dr. Friedlander responds by reminding Michael that they used pharmaceutical solutions years ago to control him, but that only made Michael wet himself, sleep during dinner and kept howling through the night. Dr. Friedlander ends the session by saying that for their next session they should meet in his office again and the price of the sessions have increased again. Michael pays $1,500 to Dr. Friedlander.


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