Damaged Goods

Last Updated: 2nd June 2018

  • Trevor Philips

This mission is activated when you have completed the game but not killed Trevor when given the choice in The Third Way. Trevor goes to his trailer and finds that his mother is there, he is shocked by this and his mother gives him grief about not looking after her. She asks him to bring back “a truck load, literally” of Deludamol pills for her pain.

The Deludamol pharmaceutical vans can be found in these areas in San Andreas.

  • Los Santos – Central Los Santos Medical Center (Crusade Road & Innocence Boulevard)
  • Los Santos – Mount Zonah Medical Center (Dorset Drive and Dorset Place)
  • Los Santos – Pillbox Hill Medical Center (Elgin Avenue, Strawberry Avenue & Swiss Street)
  • Los Santos – Dollar Pills (Davis Branch)
  • Paleto Bay – The Bay Care Center (Duluoz Avenue)
  • Sandy Shores – Sandy Shores Medical Center (Mountain View Drive)
  • Harmony – Dollar Pills (Harmony Branch)

When Trevor arrives back at his trailer with the Deludamol van, he runs inside to find his mother nowhere to be seen, which gives the suggestion that Trevor was hallucinating.

Mission Guide

Go to the trailer
Go into the trailer

Gold Medal Objectives

  • There are no gold medals to be obtained for this mission.

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