Exercising Demons – Trevor

Last Updated: 2nd June 2018

  • Trevor Philips

Trevor approaches Mary-Ann at the end of Mount Haan Drive behind the Vinewood Sign, she is verbally abusing a man wearing biking gear. It appears that she is breaking up with him but Trevor can’t tell as he does not say a word to her. Trevor approaches the man and knocks him out with his fist, he gets called a psycho by Mary-Ann to which he responds that she is “the craziest fucking chick I’ve ever met”.

Trevor realises that they are both crazy and psychotic and confesses that he loves her, Mary-Ann tells him to prove it with a bike rice.

Mission Guide

Race Mary-Ann

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Good Cyclist – Don’t anger Mary-Ann by cycling into her.
  • Quick Win – Win the race within 01:42.

Video Guides

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