Vinewood Souvenirs – The Last Act

Last Updated: 2nd June 2018

  • Trevor Philips

Trevor meets Mr Thornhill behind a business building in Strawberry, he explains that he has kidnapped a major movie star, Al Di Napoli, but now does not know what to do with him. Trevor suggests that he can either let him go or kill him, unsure on what to do Mr Thornhill asks Trevor to take care of him.

Trevor gets in Nigel’s car where the movie star is being held in the trunk, as Trevor drives to the train tracks near the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. At this point, there are three options that the player can choose from to end the mission.

  1. Pull over immediately and release Al Di Napoli, he will give Trevor $3,000 and promise not to tell anyone about the kidnapping.
  2. Continue to drive to the train tracks, Al Di Napoli will increase the pay to $10,000.
  3. Leave the car on the tracks until a train destroys the car killing Al Di Napoli.

Mission Guide

Get in Nigel’s car
Go to the train tracks
Leave the car on the tracks

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Skin of your Teeth – Exit the car just before the train hits.
  • Locomotivation – Kill Al Di Napoli using the train.

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