State of San Andreas

Last Updated: 28th April 2018

The state San Andreas if a fictional state which is based on modern Southern California, it is very large and full of people making it have a large population. Depending which part of the state you go to, the climate with find various different climates such as deserts, mountains and beaches.

San Andreas States Map
San Andreas States Map (click to enlarge)

The state is split up into three different counties, these are Blaine County, Los Santos County and the City of Los Santos.

Blaine County

Blaine County is mostly known for its wildlife and breathtaking views of the rest of San Andreas as the county features extremely high mountains. The highest mountain in the county is Mount Chiliad which can be found north of the Alamo Sea.

Blaine County has three towns, these are Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, and Paleto Bay.

Los Santos County

Los Santos County is an urban area of San Andreas and contains more Greenland then Blaine County but still offers players a chance to explore the Grand Senora Desert as it expands from northern San Andreas. Further south of Los Santos County, the Vinewood Hills can be seen, holding some of the most exclusive properties in San Andreas. This county contains wildlife as deers can be spotted next to Vinewood Hills.

Los Santos County has one town, Chumash.

City of Los Santos

The City of Los Santos is the major city located in southern San Andreas. It is based on real-life Los Angeles and its greater city. Los Santos contains a wide range of different cultures that can be explored, from the production of movies in Vinewood to the relaxation of Vespucci Beach.

Within the heart of Los Santos you can find huge skyscrapers representing large companies such as Maze Bank, the IAA and FIB. Players can also explore the Vinewood sign and Boulevard in Vinewood Hills.

As you are exploring San Andreas, you will come across a wide range of wildlife. From sharks to wild deers, you can find it.


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